Introduction to Valio Eesti

Valio Eesti, established in 1992, is one of the largest local dairy companies that produces and markets fresh dairy products and cheese made mostly of milk from South-Estonian farms. Valio Eesti’s plants are situated in the Laeva settlement in Tartu county and in Viru city. Valio Eesti updates its product selection every year and manufactures more than 200 different dairy and cheese products in total.

Valio Eesti’s dairy products can be found in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Sweden, the United States of America, Italy and other European countries. On the Estonian market, Valio is represented in all the major dairy categories: milk, kefir, cream, yoghurt, quark cream, sour milk, cheese, fats and spreads. Outside Estonia, the company mainly operates in the segments of cheese as well as fresh dairy products that are functional and strengthen the health.

Valio Eesti manufactures its products in two plants in South-Estonia – Valio Laeva Dairy and Valio Võru Cheese Plant. Valio Eesti’s products are made from and the quality is guaranteed by local milk of the highest quality. Our products are free of synthetic food colours, we are continuously decreasing the amount of additives used in products, and 80% of our product portfolio is free of preservatives and the percentage is constantly increasing. All products manufactured by Valio Eesti undergo thorough taste and quality tests before reaching the stores in order to ensure that the consumers only get the best.

High quality, healthy and delicious dairy products as well as satisfied consumers, partners and workers form the foundation of the company’s business operations. This is also reflected in the company’s slogan: ‘Making you feel good!’.

Valio Eesti operates in accordance with the quality management certificate ISO 9001 that was issued to the company already at the end of 2006. Work in the laboratory of Valio Eesti takes place in accordance with the ISO 17025 standards. We are also complying with food safety according to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) system.

The quality of Valio Eesti’s products is ensured by several aspects:

  • Valio Eesti’s products are made solely from inspected high quality raw milk from Central and South-Estonian farms.
  • We carefully and daily check the quality of raw milk and ensure that raw milk we use does not contain any antibiotics.
  • The quality of our products and milk can be traced all the way back to the farms.
  • We know the exact composition and origin of additives used in our products.
  • We continuously invest in updating our production and improving the quality.
  • We invest in the training and development of the skills of our workers.

Valio Eesti’s operations are environmentally sustainable and friendly
Valio Eesti is the only dairy company in Estonia recognised with the environmental certificate 14001. Valio Eesti takes responsibility for the environment by obtaining technologies that reduce environmental impact, using raw materials and energy sparingly and promoting the use of recyclable and energy-efficient packaging.
Valio’s short-term environmental objectives are focused on reducing wastewater, sustainable use of water and energy and reducing municipal waste.

Valio as an employer
Valio Eesti is one of the biggest employers in Võru town and the biggest employer in Laeva rural municipality. Although Valio Eesti’s management and support units are based in Tallinn, the majority of its 390-strong staff works in the two production units in Laeva, Tartu county, and Võru, Võru county. Both production units are among the biggest and most stable employers in Laeva and Võru, which is also evidenced by the long service of their staff. For example, the average length of service in the Võru Plant is 15 years.

Valio’s values: Doing the best

  • high quality products developed to meet the needs of consumers 
  • satisfied client, consumer and partner
  • motivated and highly trained staff*
  • ethically and economically sustainable production

* We carried out our knowledge and skills development project with co-funding from Enterprise Estonia from 29 April 2010 to 28 April 2011. We created and developed our strategies and management systems in the scope of the project.



Valio Eesti AS is an environment-friendly company and it is certified with the environmental management system certificate ISO 14001

This means that Valio Eesti AS has undertaken responsibility for the environment, purchasing technology that minimises environmental impact, ensuring sustainable use of raw materials and energy, and facilitating use of recoverable and energy-efficient packaging.

Environmental management certificate ISO 14001 covers activities of Valio in Finland and Estonia.

ISO certificate proves that Valio Eesti has mapped thoroughly their operating processes, which enables to save costs and increase efficiency, minimise environmental costs, ensure better compliance with legal acts, and provide security to every consumer that our products have been manufactured in environment-friendly and sustainable way.

Principles of environmental management of the organisation are:

  • To assess operation of the environmental management system through regular internal and external audits on organisational as well as local levels
  • To revise annually the environmental goals
  • The main environmental parameters form part of annual report of the organisation

Major environmental goals of Valio Eesti AS:

  • Minimising wastewater quantities and pollution load
  • Sustainable use of water and energy
  • Minimising municipal waste

In our purchase activities we cooperate with the partners, whose values and objectives match the environmental goals of Valio Eesti. This operation principle means balance between the environment and social and business objectives.